Updating pet microchip details

It will not return pet owner information contained in the registries’ databases, instead it will identify which registries should be contacted when a lost pet is scanned and a microchip number is identified.) The American Animal Hospital Association does not maintain a database of microchips of its own.

To register a microchip or update contact information for a microchip, pet owners should contact their pet recovery service.

AAHA is unable to assist pet owners with their microchip registration and/or problems.

Here's the next step Simply microchipping your pet isn't enough.

Therefore, start by calling the company listed first in the "enrolled with" box.

If you are unable to get the correct information from the top record, work your way down the list.



If your pet is lost or injured the chances of it being found and scanned for a microchip are extremely high.If you do not know your dog’s microchip number, you will need to have your dog scanned at a vets or alternatively by one of our campaign teams at a Community Event.



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