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A favorite throughout the year, cornbread is especially venerated as a New Year's treat in the southern United States. Pomegranates represent good luck in Turkey for many reasons: Their red color, which represents the human heart, denotes life and fertility; their medicinal properties represent health; and their abundant, round seeds represent prosperity—all things everyone hopes for in any fresh start.

Recipe: Pomegranate Panna Cotta Though the number of pieces varies by region, eating any round fruit is a common New Year's tradition.

Intricate craftsmanship and pave diamonds are the staple of this collection making it classy and easy-to-wear. The Eco collection was inspired by the repetitions in nature such as the reflection of sound waves.

Since the noodles are never to be broken or shortened during the cooking process, the typical preparation for "Long-Life Noodles" is a stir-fry. To ensure extra luck, some people add extra corn kernels, which are emblematic of golden nuggets.This collection exudes glamour and marries captivating Art Deco elements to stunning color & texture. This collection draws inspiration not only from the opulent and luxurious garments worn during his reign, but also from the rich details found in his Chteau de Versailles.


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