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You'll also see the best Local sex personals not just locally, but from all over America.They include and cougars looking for younger guys in local listings. Carol tongue-kissed Andy, plastering her body against his, then turned to Fred and kissed him, just as hard and dirty. "Two studs." She put her hands on the men's crotch bulges. Carol said, "This is our floor." She led Andy and Fred out of the elevator and down the hall. "So am I." She pushed the door open and they went into the room. Its white leaf pattern over translucent fabric revealed tantalizing glimpses of her dark brown areolas. "Let me know when you're ready." He turned to Carol. Come get it, before it melts." Andy watched in fascination as Carol licked up and down Fred's stiff pole and sucked his balls, then took his cock-head and shaft in her mouth. Carol alternated between Andy and Fred, getting one man close to a climax, then switching to the other. I want to watch." "Okay, Babe." Fred caught Andy in a bear hug and kissed him with frightening intensity. She'd stopped masturbating and was holding her pussy open with two fingers. "You get distracted sometimes." "I always come back." "I know." Carol crooked a finger at Andy. I'll be getting my share, soon enough." Fred pushed Andy to his knees between Carol's spread thighs. I'm a greedy little girl--" "You look pretty big to me." Andy looked up from Carol's gaping pussy and swollen clit, shiny with her juices and his saliva, lingered briefly on her big brown breasts, with her puffy nipples and broad dark chocolate areolas, and finally settled on her face. "And really sexy too." "Okay, I'm a greedy big girl." She laughed again. "You boys are going to have a lot of fun." She slipped the key card into the reader. yeah." He wasn't going to admit how few women he'd slept with. " Carol unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open, showing the half-bra supporting her heavy breasts. He was about to come when she switched back to Fred. Whatever you want to do." "All right." "Hey boys." They turned to look at Carol. I live in Berkeley, but I stay in a hotel when we have a big job downtown. I like men." She tightened her grip on Andy's knee. From this page you can reach people interested in real casual sexual encounters.You'll be able to get in touch with straight, bi-curious, bisexual, lesbian and gay listings!

She didn't seem like a hooker, but it was early evening and there were empty tables in the hotel bar. "A few times, but I haven't seen much except board rooms on this trip." "Are you an executive?

." Andy's hard cock was painfully trapped in his briefs.


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