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The projects so identified, have well defined objectives, approaches and activities to accomplish the goal.

Projects are identified after joint discussion between plant and RDCIS personnel to provide solutions to identified problems.

RDCIS organizes Technology Awareness Programmes to enhance the knowledge-base of SAIL engineers and technologists, especially those working on the shop floor, by sharing technological experience to enhance, analyze and solve technological problems.

These programmes cover a wide range of topics dealing with different technology areas in the steel plants.

RDCIS undertakes research projects encompassing the entire spectrum of iron and steel starting from raw materials to finished products.At the end of the project, the outcome of the work is well documented after concurrence from the customer who is also partner in the innovation.The implementation of the innovations is also pursued.RDCIS offers technological services to various organizations in the form of now-how transfer of technologies developed by RDCIS, consultancy services / contract research specialized testing services and training.


This helps to establish credibility of the Centre as a knowledge centre besides generating revenue through external earnings.

It undertakes R&D projects in diverse realms of Iron & Steel Technology under the categories of Plant Performance Improvement (PPI), Product Development (PD), Scientific Investigation and Development (SID), Basic Research (BR) and Technical Services (TS).



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